Aberystwyth Bibliographical Group 

Previous Programmes


17 March  1971               J.D. Fleeman                    The roles of bibliography and textual criticism in editorial work

23 November 1971         Christopher J. Hunt         The book trade in N.E.England c. 1800: Towards a dictionary of printers and booksellers

14 March 1972               J.B. Harley                        Aspects of the 18th century London map trade

16 May 1972                  James Dearden                 19th century colour printing and publishers’ bindings


31 October 1972             Arthur Johnston              The printing of an elizabethan quarto

18 November 1972         B.G. Charles                    The manuscripts of an Elizabethan antiquary – George Owen of Henllys

27  February 1973           R.J. Roberts                     Where have all the novels gone? The life and death of cheap 18th century fiction.

13 March 1973                Huw Owen                      Archives in libraries

9 May 1973                     Mary Pollard                   Some odd fish caught by Trinity’s (TCD) new bibliographical cataloguing rules


14 September 1973         Daniel Huws                   The descent of the Welsh manuscripts

6 November 1973           Michael Turner               The John Johnson Collection and the history of the book trade

9 March 1974                  Brian James                    Rare books at Lampeter

7 May 1974                     Roger Fairclough           Eighteenth century road books


29 October 1974             Geoffrey Wakeman         English trade binding from the 17th to 19th centuries

26 November 1974         Peter Davison                 Editing journals

4 March 1975                  Lionel Madden               Documenting nineteenth century periodicals: the impossible pursuit

19 March 1975                Robert Shackleton           Publication and censorship in 18th century France

29 April 1975                   Helen Wallis                   Maps and globes in the days of Pepys and Swift


21 October 1975              J. H. Loudon                   Aspects of bookbinding in Scotland in the 18th century

18 November 1975          Brynmor Jones              ‘Alice under the microscope’: Llandudno’s bibliographical puzzle.

18 November 1975          Richard Brinkley            Some ventures in book collecting

27 January 1976              Eiluned Rees                   The bookbinder in 18th century Wales

27 January 1976              Duncan Isles                  ‘Slavery to the booksellers’: aspects of the profession of letters 1750-1800

17 February 1976             David Gerard                  D.H. Lawrence among his people

16 March 1976                 Myrddin Lloyd                Early printing in Celtic languages

4 May 1976                       Paul Morgan                   The revision of STC


19 October 1976               William S. Mitchell          Scottish bookbindings to 1700 

16 November 1976            Glanville Price                  Editing ‘The year’s work in modern language studies’

16 November 1976            Warwick Brown               Aspects of Aberystwyth printing

1 February 1977                 Brynley Roberts               Aberdare printing

1 February 1977                 Gerald Morgan                 Llanwrst printing

21 February 1977               Giles Barber                      English-language guides to the continent of Europe before 1870

8  March 1977                     Richard A. Storey            The development of the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick Library

3 May 1977                         Michael Perkin                 Abraham Cowley and some thoughts on author bibliographies


25 October 1977                A.S. Maney                      The making of books

29 November 1977           W. M. Merchant                Running a small press

31 January 1978               R. G. Gruffydd                   Roman Catholic secret printing in Wales

31 January 1978               Philip Henry Jones            Thomas Gee, a 19th century Welsh publisher and his authors

24 February 1978             J.J.G. Alexander                Methods of work of mediaeval illuminators

14 March 1978                D. S. Meyler                       Some Babylonian tablets on Pythagoras’s Theorem

14 March 1978                H. Rees                               Do scientists always tell the truth?

Gregynog Symposium – ‘Book collecting’

1 September 1978             Glyn Tegai Hughes           Book-collectors in fiction

2 September 1978             A.R.A. Hobson                 The architecture of English libraries in the 17th & 18th centuries

2 September 1978             E.J. Miller                         The collections of the National Trust

2 September 1978             E.M. Dring                        Fifty years at Quaritch’s

3 September 1978             Cecil Price                         Some modern collectors of 18th century books

4 September 1978             Gwyn Walters                   Antiquarianism in 18th century books


31 October 1978               Philip Radcliffe Evans     The Brunswick Printers – the story of a clandestine press in a prisoner-of-war camp

28 November 1978           Douglas Ball                       Oliver Simon and the Curwen Press

25 January 1979                John H. Cule                      William Osler reveal’d, by an ex-president of the Osler Club of London

25 January 1979                Martin Ware                      The perils of medical editing, by an ex-editor of the ‘British Medical Journal’

23 February 1979              L.G. Heywood                   Living by the pen in 1621: Barclay’s ‘Angenis’

20 March 1979                 Dennis E. Rhodes              The Union Catalogue of Incunabula in the British Isles: some problems and some results

1 May 1979                      David Jenkin                      Aberystwyth: a taste of yesterday


23 October 1979             Arthur Johnston                   Reprinting Malory’s ‘Le Morte Darthur’ in 1816

27 November 1979         Elfryn Jenkins                    Words! Words! Words!

29 January 1980              D.O. Jones &
P.A.L. Jones         Some considerations arising from compiling a bibliography

7 March 1980                 Sarah Cohen                      Are publishers’ editors necessary?  (speaker unable to attend)

7 March 1980                 Glanville Price                   Revising the MHRA style book

7 March1980                  Eiluned Rees                     My catalogue and I

24 April 1980                 Tony Thompson,
E.D. Jones,
Warwick Brown               The future of the printed book - Open forum

22 October1980             Robert Shackleton            Starting a bibliography of an 18th century French author

25 November 1980        D. Emrys Williams           Roots

20 January 1981            Edmund Fryde                  Reconstructing the library of  Lorenzo de Medici

13 March 1981              Julia Elton                         Glorified grocers: or, behind the scenes in antiquarian book-selling

12 May 1981                                                           The craftsman at a printer’s workshop & Techniques of etching

Gregynog Symposium - Antiquarian bookselling

4 September 1981           Glyn Tegai
Hughes           On being frightened by booksellers

5 September 1981          Thomas Rae                    The private press: a personal view

5 September 1981          Eric Gee                          The Gregynog press

5 September 1981          Warwick Brown               A bookseller’s apologia

6 September 1981          Brynley Roberts               Some Welsh collectors and their cooks

6 September 1981          Paul Morgan                     The heraldic stamps of English collectors


27 October 1981            .Myrddin Lloyd                Sir Walter Scott and Wales

27 October 1981             Donald Moore                The imagery of title page and frontispiece

17 November 1981         Allen Samuels                Thomas Rowlandson’s publisher

19 January 1982             Dorothy Harrop               Pictures galore: illustrated books of the Gregynog Press

17 March 1982                Robin Myers                  The Stationers’ Company and its records (1554-1911)


26 October 1982              Gwyn Walters                 Bruce Rogers and the art of the book

23 November 1982          David Jenkins                 N.L.W. a study in history

25 January 1983               Terry James                    The Rampart Press

22 March 1983                 Jeff Clements                  Contemporary British bookbinding styles


25 October 1983              Richard Brinkley             A procession of bookmen

22 November 1983          Robert Davies                 The Mervyn Pritchard Collection of early atlases and geographers at the National Library of Wales

31 January 1984               Rhidian Griffiths             Antiquary of Swansea: the career of George Grant Francis

13 March 1984                 Brynley Roberts             ‘Mr Lhuyd’s moving library’

10 April 1984                   Frank Hogg                    Presidential address

Gregynog Symposium– The Art of the Book

31 August 1984                Murray MccLaggan        The library of Merthyr Mawr

1 September 1984            Geoffrey Wakeman         The evolution of colour illustration

1 September 1984             Eric Gee                          The work of Gwasg Gregynog

1 September 1984             Rhidian Griffiths             Illustrated sheet music covers

2 September 1984             Brian North Lee              The development of armorial book-plate styles in Britain

2 September 1984             Mirjam Foot                    Ten centuries of European pictorial bookbindings


23 October 1984               Douglas Ball                    Sone aspects of Victorian publishers’ bindings

20 November 1984           Mansel Davies                  Joseph Needham: a twentieth century Erasmus?

22 January 1985               Alistair Crawford             The print process controls the image

19 March 1985                Jo Haythornthwaite           A Victorian novelist and her publisher


29 October 1985             David Skilton                    Publishing and republishing Trollope

26 November 1985         John Hopkins                    The Society of Antiquaries and its library 1717-1985

21 January 1986             Mary Ellis                          Angharad Llwyd: a woman in a man’s world

18 March 1986                R. Geraint Gruffydd         Presidential address

13 May 1986                   (various speakers)            Collections at the National Library of Wales


28 October 1986             Rhidian Griffiths              Welsh music books

25 November 1986         Jeremy Potter                   Nicolo Zoppino and the Italian book market 1503-1544

27 January 1987             Brynley Roberts               Presidential address

17 March 1987               Ann Rhydderch                 Records of Merioneth

12 May 1987                   Eiluned Rees                     Bookbindings in the National Library of Wales


27 October 1987             David Stoker                     Setting up a private press in 18th century Norfolk

24 November 1987         John Moore                      John Adair and the Scottish map trade

26 January 1988              Gwerfyl Pierce
Jones  The Welsh Books Council 

23 February 1988            Diana Dixon                    Capturing the market: promotion and advertising of 19th century children’s periodicals

22 March 1988                Mirjam Foot                     Bookbinding and the history of books

Symposium Gregynog– Piety, Delight or Use’

2 September 1988           R. Geraint
Gruffydd         The Welsh Bible of 1588

3 September 1988           Barry McKay                     English writers on marbled paper from Sandys to Sumner

3 September 1988           David Esslemont              The Gregynog Press

3 September 1988           Prys Morgan                     A Gower family’s music collection from the late 18th to the mid 19th century

4 September 1988           Patricia Moore                 Illustrations from fifteenth-century books of hours

4 September 1988           Robin Price                      Spanish medicine in the Golden Age


18 October 1988             Paul Bennett Morgan       The writer’s library: David Jones, Richard Hughes, Gwyn Jones

22 November 1988         Thomas Lloyd                  Authors and book collectors of Pembrokeshire

24 January 1989              Barbara Roe                     Libraries of archaeological societies in the 18th and 19th centuries

14 March 1989                Huw Walters                    The Welsh periodical press in the nineteenth century


24 October 1989              Stephen Briggs                The worldwide publishing activities and ambitions of the Royal Society of Antiquaries
  of the North (Denmark) 1825-1885

28 November 1989           Hywel Davies                 ‘Jacobins’ against ‘Loyal Sons of Bitches’: competing ideologies and protesting
  intellectuals in Wales During the 1790s

30 January 1990               Gwyn Walters                  Research into early book illustration at Lampeter

20 March 1990                 Jenny Stratford                Royal and noble libraries in France and England c.1350-1450.


23 October 1990              Malcolm Watson              Aspects of plant illustration from Dioscorides Materia Medica to Sowerby’s Botany

27 November 1990          Eiluned Rees                    Disaster!

22 January 1991               Donald Moore                  Illustrating Welsh history and antiquity. Examples from the earliest printed sources 
   to the present day

5 March 1991                   David Esslemont              The Gregynog Press – unpublished works


22 October 1991               Hywel Roberts                 Welsh publishing in America

19 November 1991          John Feather                      Robert Triphook – a pioneer of bibliophily

28 January 1992              Susan Davies                     The challenge of Palaeography

10 March 1992                John Cule                           The home doctor

Gregynog Symposium– The Book in Europe

4 September 1992           Rowan Watson                 The manufacture and marketing of books of hours in the late medieval period

5 September 1992           Heledd Hayes                   From the banks of the Dee to Milan and home again in print 

5 September 1992           Catherine
Delano Smith             The map as book illustration: explaining text in Bibles and Bible commentaries

5 September 1992           Gareth Alban
Davies        A Spanish rogue in England: David Rowland of Anglesey’s Lazarillo de
Tormes  (1576)

6 September 1992           David Stoker                  ‘Strangers and brothers’:the Dutch refugee press in Norwich and its relationship
with refugee presses on the Continent

6 September 1992           Glyn Tega
Hughes           Wrong books: literary traffic between Britain and Germany in the 19th century


20 October 1992             John Turner                    Walter Scott of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

17 November 1992         Michael Turner               Membership of the London book trades before 1830

19 January 1993              Jill Barber                       Pride and prejudice in nineteenth-century Cardiganshire

9 March 1993                  Edmund Fryde                The Greek Manuscripts of Lorenzo de Medici, with special reference to his own commissions


19 October 1993              Katherine Swift              The Case of the disappearing library: or how many books had Lord Berwick?

16 November 1993          Jamie Medhurst              ‘Don’t get it right, get it written’: journalist and information

25 January 1994               Caryl Davies                   Sir William Jones ‘The principles of government’ (1782) in its relation to Wales

8 March 1994                   J. Wyn Evans                  The library of St. David’s


18 October 1994             David Wulstan                 Alfonso the Wise (d.1284) and his Catigas de Santa Maria. Some bibliographical
 problems and a solution

29 November 1994         John Harris                     ‘A halllelujah of a book’: How green was my valley as a bestseller

24 January 1995              Mary Burdett Jones        Early Welsh dictionaries

14 March 1995                Sarah Tyacke                   Samuel Pepys and his map and chart collection

Plas Tan-y-Bwlch, Symposium The Book in Wales

22 September 1995         Philip Henry
Jones           Gwasg Gee and Welsh scholarly publishing

23 September 1995        Huw Price                        Law books and their uses in medieval Wales

23 September 1995        R. Geraint
Gruffydd        Printing and publishing in Welsh: the first sixty years

23 September 1995        Ceri Davies                      Latin prefatory poems and the books of the Welsh humanists

23 September 1995        Thomas Lloyd                 Wanderings in old libraries: Welsh squires and their books

23 September 1995        Rheinallt Llwyd               The leap forward: developments in the seventeenth century

23 September 1995        Eiluned Rees                    Wales and the London book trade 1718-1820

24 September 1995        Brynley Roberts               Scholarly publishing: the case of  the Cymmrodorion

24 September 1995        Lionel Madden                 The National Library of Wales:towards the millennium


24 October 1995            John Lancaster                 Evidence based health care: a new paradigm for librarianship

28 November 1996        Geraint Jenkins                Historical writing in eighteenth century Wales

23 January 1996             Donald Moore                 The printed page and the planted patch: the relationship between books and gardens

19 March 1996               Patricia Layzell
Ward      The place of books in the Swan River Colony 1829-1954


15 October 1996            Brean Hammond             ‘Hackney for bread’: the first wave of professional imaginative writing in England, 1670-1740

19 November 1996         Keith Robbins                  Bibliography of British history: 1914-1989: a retrospective commentary

21 January 1997             David Trotter                   From slip to print: the production of the Anglo-Norman dictionary

4 March 1997                 Richard Sharp                  Jacobite portraits


21 October 1997            Ian Barton                         The bibliography of classical architecture: Vitruvius and after

18 November 1997        Brian Davies                      Colours for the mediaeval book

13 January 1998             Lucy Tedd                         The computer and the printed word

24 February 1998           John Kenyon                     The rare book collection in the National Museum of Wales Library


20 October 1998             Chris Baggs                       The Miners’ Institute libraries of South Wales in fact and fiction

24 November 1998         Glanville Price                  Editing an encyclopaedia of the languages of Europe

19 January 1999              David Stoker                     Surveying decrepit Welsh cathedrals: the publication of Browne Willis’s accounts
   of St. David’s and Llandaff.

23 February 1999            Patricia Moore                 G.T. Clark, scholar industrialist in the age of Victoria

23 March 1999                Eiluned Rees                     Victorian visitor in Wales


19 October 1999              Jean Everitt                       Co-operative Society libraries: more than just books

16 November 1999          Peter Hingley                    Treasures of the Royal Astronomical Society Library

18 January 2000               Paul Bryant-Quinn           Silent music: on editing fifteenth-century Welsh poetry

22 February 2000             Liz Bowerman                 Marbled paper: its manufacture and use in bookbindings

14 March 2000                  Philip Henry Jones          John Dunton's fifty-guinea inspiration


24 October 2000                Hywel Roberts                John Gwenogfryn Evans printer

21 November 2000            R.W.D. Fenn                   The Banks family archives and the local historian

23 January 2001                David Williams                Cistercian libraries with especial reference to Wales and the border

20 February 2001              Giles Mandelbrote           John Evelyn and his books

20 March 2001                  Tegwyn Jones                   Visual firecrackers

Plas Tan-y-Bwlch Symposium - Scholarly publishing

14 September 2001           Brinley Jones                    Recollections of a university publisher

15 September 2001           Huw Owen                        Early maps of Wales and their makers

15 September 2001           Geraint Jenkins                 ‘Manuscripts are the spice of life’: Thomas Richards and the real National Library
     of Wales at Bangor 

15 September 2001           Eiluned Rees                     Libri Walliae: a bibliography’s Pre-History

16 September 2001           Philip  Henry Jones &
  Mary Burdett Jones         Gwasg Gee, Denbigh

16 September 2001           Donald Moore                  Archaeologia Cambrensis: a publishing venture which created a society


16 October 2001              Andrew Green                  Sir John Ballinger: magician or monster?

20 November 2001          Glyn Tegai Hughes           Gwasg Gregynog: downs and ups

22 January 2002              David Matthews               Spirits from the vasty deep:thoughts on re-reading Shakespeare

19 February 2002            Deirdre Beddoe                Popular fiction in women’s magazines as a source of women’s history

19 March 2002                William Troughton           Postcards – old and new


15 October 2002              Brenda Scragg                  John and Mrs. Rylands as book collectors

19 November 2002          Rhidian Griffiths              The Master of Stationer's Hall:Isaac Jones music publisher

21 January 2003              Brian Davies                    Savage colours

18 February 2003            Mark Purcell                    The libraries of the National Trust

25 March 2003                Glynne Heywood             My life with books


21 October 2003             Maldwyn Mills                  Reading the image in the book:
mediaeval renaissance and modern

18 November 2003         Derryan Paul                     Sources for church building: Herefordshire 1662-1762

20 January 2004              Boyd Schlenther &
Eryn White                 Corresponding with 18th-century Methodists: the making of the calendar of the Trevecka Letters

17 February 2004            Maureen Bell                    The British Book Trade Index on the web

23 March 2004                Helen Davies                     Encounters with Welsh ancestors: explorations in the records


19 October 2004              Peter Thomas                   Henry Vaughan Silurist: The man and the book

9 November 2004            Henry Summerson           "A very garden & seed plot": the learning and letters of Wales in the Oxford
 Dictionary of National Biography

18 January 2005              Gareth Alban Davies       Owen Jones architect 1809-74: the prophetic hand

15 February 2005            Hazel Bell                        What makes an indexer?

15 March 2005                Ron Cowell                      The early history of the Aberystwyth Post Office


11 October 2005              Brian Davies                     Fake or forgery?

15 November 2005          Neil Fairlamb                    Bishop Edward Stillingfleet and Marsh's Library Dublin

17 January 2006              Mary Burdett-Jones        Doctor Humphrey Foulkes: The most intellectual of Edward Lhuyd's correspondents

14 February 2006            David Stoker                    "The antiquities and constitutions of a noble and ancient nation:" The publication
 of the Leges Wallicae 1719-1730

14 March 2006                Lionel Madden                 In the stacks with Philip Larkin

A symposium in Gladstone’s Library, St Deiniols

15 September 2006         Mark Llewellyn                 Reading Gladstone reading

16 September 2006         T.W. Pritchard                  Looking at the Glynne-Gladstone Families and Manuscripts

16 September 2006          Ruth Clayton
Windscheffel        A place of deceptive tranquillity: Gladstone’s ‘Temple of Peace’

16 September 2006          Donald Moore                Thomas Pennant and the Mostyn Library

17 September 2006          David Selwyn                 ‘Sum liber Edmundi Gest’:reconstructing the library of an Elizabethan Bishop

17 September 2006           Rhidian Griffiths            Sir John Ballinger and The Bible in Wales 


24 October 2006               Thomas Lloyd                Welsh country house libraries and their owners

21 November 2006           Anwen Pierce                  The history of Gwasg Gomer

16 January 2007               Edwina Ellis                    Printmaking with an Albion Press

13 February 2007             David Matthews               In the steps of "the Master": reading Henry James

13 March 2007                 Beverly Davies                 The Cambrian News: yesterday today and tomorrow

12 June 2007                    Trevor Fishlock                 In this place


16 October 2007               Nicolas Bell                      My Ladye Nevells Booke:the keyboard music of William Byrd

20 November 2007           Michael Freeman             Sources of information for the traveller in 18 and 19th-century Wales

15 January2008                 Philip Henry Jones           From Llanidloes to Tientsin: the sad odyssey of Matthew Lewis preacher novelist soldier

12 February 2008              Gareth Edwards               The history of the National Monuments Record of Wales

11 March 2008                  Lionel Madden                 Libraries and librarians: some personal recollections


21 October 2008               Keith Manley                    Love blood and teddy bears:twopenny libraries Parliament and the law in the 1930s

11 November 2008           Valerie Floyd                     Music at Llanerchaeron

20 January 2009               Denis Grogan                    "The pencil of nature" early photographically-illustrated books

17 February 2009             Paul Bryant-Quinn           "They had names; they had faces": Wales and the Anglo-Zulu War

17 March 2009                 Helen Palmer                    "I am hapy to inform you that Boneparte is defeted": writing home to Penrallt Ddu 1811-1824


13 October 2009               David Shaw                       The book trade and the university in early sixteenth-century Paris

17 November 2009           Iwan Meical Jones             Portraying Victorian Wales

19 January 2010                Gerald Morgan                 Collecting Welsh ballads

16 February 2010              John Graham Jones          The Welsh political archive
23 March 2010                  Ms Penny David              Writing about Aberglasney


26 October 2010               Nichola Court                  The History of the Royal Society and its library

16 November 2010           D. Ben Rees                    The contribution of Isaac Foulkes (Llyfrbryf: 1836-1904) of Liverpool to Welsh publishing

18 January 2011               Stephen Briggs                 Promoting Welsh county history ca. 1780-1835: picturesque investigators the
   impoverished printer and the barefaced plagiarist

12 February 2011            Daniel Huws                      A repertory of Welsh manuscripts and scribes

15 March 2011                John Turner                       Peter Rabbit in America: unauthorised editions of Beatrix Potter's work


18 October 2011              David Stoker                     John Marshall: the children's printer 1779-1824

29 November 2011          Andrew Green                   E-books: here at Last?

17 January 2012              Peter Barton &
Daphne Woodhouse      The Powysland Club and its library: past and present

18 February 2012           Thomas Corns                   Paradise Lost: the early years

20 March 2012               Julian Thomas                   Forty years in bookbinding


16 October 2012            Mark Purcell                      National Trust Libraries in Wales: a grand tour

20 November 2012        Brian Davies                      Making the medieval book

15 January 2013             Margaret Escott                The History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1820-1832: pleasures and
 pitfalls of producing a work of reference

23 February 2013           Peter Lord                         Welsh art in words: a bibliography of Welsh visual culture

19 March 2013               Robert Meyrick                The arts and crafts book:British illustrated books 1890-1940 from the N.L.W. Collection

Lampeter Symposium -

6 September 2013           Eiluned Rees                     The wonderful world of bibliography

7 September 2013           David Selwyn                   Some thoughts on Lampeter’s foundation and historic collections as a resource for the
  historian of the book

7 September 2013           John Morgan-Guy
& Peter Hopkins         New Insights on the donations of Thomas Phillips to the library at Lampeter

7 September 2013           Rhiannon Ifans                 Welsh ballads

8 September 2013           Caroline Kerkham            William Pamplin of Soho and Llanderfel, Bala: botanical agent and publisher/bookseller

8 September 2013           David Thorne                    Some place names in the Teifi Valley


15 October 2013              Frank Bott                        Publishing Joseph Parry’s music

12 November 2013          Jennifer Macve                Deeds and dinner plates: some primary sources for Hafod

21 January 2014               Mary Burdett-Jones         From oil to print: Abraham Cooper (1787-1868) R.A. and the democratization of art

22 February 2014             Matthew Yeo                  The place of the second-hand book trade in the history of the book

25 March 2014                 Geraint Evans                  Whodunnit?


21 October
2014                        Peter Mitchell                 Early modern anatomical book illustration

18 November 2014           Richard Ireland:             Writing inside out: reflections on a collection of prison literature

20 January 2015               Philip Henry Jones         Behind the scenes at Hughes a’i Fab: Welsh Publishing in the inter-war years

21 February 2015             Andrew Prescott              Imaging and Imagining Magna Carta

24 March 2015                 Neil Fairlamb                   Researching local history: the pleasures of archive collections


20 October 2015,             Keith Robbins                   Completing the picture:editing volume IV of the History of Oxford University Press (1970-2004)

17 November, 2015         Bill Hines                           An evening with Samuel Johnson, Horace Walpole, Jonathan Swift and Isaac Newton:
    treasures of the Hugh Owen Library

19 January 2016              Brian Davies                      Colouring maps

20 February 2016           Hannah Thomas                 The Society of Jesus in Wales, c.1600–1679: rediscovering the Cwm Jesuit Library
   at Hereford Cathedral

15 March 2016               Rhiannon Ifans                 Manuscript songbooks of mid-Wales


18 October 2016            Karen Attar                       A Tale of Special Collections: The Directory of Rare Book and Special Collections
 in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, 3rd edition

15 November 2016        David Wulstan                  Confronting the Messy MSS of Handel's Messiah

17 January 2017            Judith Broady-Preston      Sino-Jesuitical Approaches to Knowledge Organisation and Information Delivery:
A Contrast in Styles? Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei and Shanghai Public Libraries

18 February 2017          William Marx                    John Warrin's Great Book:

21 March 2017              Shirley Jones                     Forty Years of Making Books

Symposium at Gregynog Hall

15 September 2017       Ian Gadd                          The Stationers' Company: from incorporation to copyright

16 September 2017       Paul Bryant-Quinn          Welsh scholarship in Renaissance Italy

16 September 2017       Susan Davies                   When palaeography is much more than the ability to read

16 September 2017       David Vickers                  The Gregynog Press

16 September 2017       Diana Dixon                     To instruct and entertain:Victorian magazines for children

17 September 2017       Elizabeth Savage              Early colour-printed book illustrations: making, meaning and experimenting

17 September 2017       Sarah Hutton                    The challenges of editing Thomas Traherne


24 October 2017           David Pearson: Provenance Revisited

27 November 2017       David Stoker: The Cheap Repository Tracts in Britain, Ireland and America, 1795-1830

16 January 2018       Matthew Jarvis  English-Language Poetry and the London Welshman Magazine, 1959-1970

17 February 2018          Bill Bell: What did Tommy Read?

20 March 2018,        Bill Hines  Politicians, Princes and Prelates: More Rambles around the Hugh Owen Library Stacks